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Buying a Used Car?

Here's what you need to know:

  1. Complete mechanical condition
  2. Collision history
  3. Flood or fire damage

1 + 2 + 3 equals
an Auto Doc

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The Ingredients in a State-of-the-Art Auto Doc Inspection:

  • An ASE Certified Master Mechanic (all 8 certifications) with a minimum of 5 years trade experience
  • A Body and Frame expert with certificate and a minimum of 5 years trade experience
  • Flood and Fire expertise with course study certificate or trade experience equivalent
  • All vehicles are test driven and raised to thoroughly inspect the undercarriage
  • Same day inspections in most cases and same day reports always!
  • Sonar equipment used on every body panel to detect body filler and repaint
  • Multi point odometer fraud detection check
  • Chemical smoker residue test which is exclusive to Auto Doc's Inspections
  • Air Conditioning Freon electronic halogen leak detection
  • Cooling system pressurization leak detection
  • Oil fluorescent dye with UV light inspection for oil leak source determination
  • Volt/Amp meters with battery load test and charging system output test capabilities
  • Computer system Scan Tools
  • A four page condition report consisting of complete Mechanical, Body and Frame, Exterior, Interior, Vehicle Equipment, Wheel and Tire checks including a full set of photos.
  • And our exclusive Friend for Life program. Any vehicle purchased that was inspected for you by us, automatically makes you a Friend for Life. If you ever have a question related to that vehicle, just call us and one of our technicians will help you through any situation. Just imagine, your mechanic is telling you that you need a $900.00 repair. Do you really need it? Is that a reasonable price? Call us and we'll help you through it. It's like having a mechanic in the family!

Used Car Benefit and Inspection Cost

The benefit of buying a used car is huge savings.The average new car depreciates 18-28% the first year! A used car purchase results in lower insurance rates, DMV fees and financing costs. Most expensive car options such as leather seats, power accessories, navigation systems, alloy wheels etc. are barely reflected in used car pricing. Buying a used car is one of the favorite recommendations from most Consumer Advocates such as nationally syndicated Clark Howard. But as Clark says, there is one caveat. "The only danger is that you'll buy someone else's trouble. So do it right from the start: Get the vehicle inspected by an independent mechanic".


The cost of an independent inspection on a used car is often free due to the fact that the items found on the inspection report provides excellent leverage in negotiating a lower price from the seller. Also, the potential savings from not completing the sale on a vehicle that has serious mechanical problems or unsafe frame damage are incalculable. In the end, whatever out-of-pocket expense results from a pre-purchase inspection, it is well spent on peace of mind.

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